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Education Musical Inclusion Booklet

This booklet will be useful to teachers across a range of age groups and contexts.

You might be a newly qualified teacher, a trainee working towards a teaching qualification, an experienced teacher, or a member of SLT.

You could be working in a primary school, secondary school, post-16 college, a special school, or out of school music organisation.

In this booklet we present some strategies and address current educational challenges regarding inclusion, showing you what inclusive practice could look like in your learning environment, and offer some points for reflection on pedagogical approaches.

Within this publication, we recognise the increasing importance of developing inclusive pedagogies in music education.

All learners have the capacity to engage and participate in musical learning.

However, to be an inclusive teacher requires a deep understanding, and knowledge of individual learner’s specific educational needs, alongside the confidence to try out strategies that will support progress and progression. We investigate the practices of a wide range of teachers working in diverse and challenging contexts.

It offers insight into their inclusive pedagogical approaches and strategies they perceived to increase success for their learners through descriptive vignettes.

These vignettes allow us to explore learning within the classroom, the challenges the teachers faced, and also their pathways to inclusive pedagogies.

It concludes with a discussion that offers some reflective thinking points.

We hope these will inform planning, and allow you opportunities to reflect in and on your learning strategies and pedagogical approaches.

Click here for our Musical Inclusion Booklet.

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